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            Tax reduction, environmental protection, green packaging... inventory of those things

            2019/07/11 15:33:08

            With the opening of the Second Session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and the Second Session of the 13th National People's Congress, the "Two Sessions Time" was once again opened. On the macro level, the government work report pointed out that the current 16% tax rate for industries such as manufacturing is reduced to 13%, and higher requirements are imposed on environmental protection.

            Specifically in the printing and packaging industry, the National People's Congress representative, Suning Holding Group Chairman Zhang Jindong, the National People's Congress, the postal industry practitioner Chai Spark, put forward specific plans to promote green packaging standards.


            Manufacturing tax reduction 3%

            Value-added tax is currently the largest tax category in China, and it is one of the main sources of taxation in China, and it is also the focus of tax reduction. In this government work report, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to reduce the current 16% tax rate in industries such as manufacturing to 13%.

            16% of this tax rate taxable items include raw materials, equipment, etc. Lowering this tax rate can produce greater tax cuts. Obviously, manufacturing industries, including packaging and printing companies, benefit the most, not only to reduce financial pressure, Increasing corporate profit margins can also boost their production enthusiasm.

            Jiang Weidong, deputy of the National People's Congress and chairman of Shandong Wuzheng Group Co., Ltd., said that if a company has annual sales of 10 billion yuan (excluding tax) and purchases of 8 billion yuan (excluding tax), the input sales are applicable to the 16% tax rate. Calculation.

            Before the reform, the annual value-added tax should be paid: 100×16%-80×16%=3.2 (100 million yuan). After the reform, the annual value-added tax shall be paid: 100×13%-80×13%=2.6 (100 million yuan). In this way, companies can pay less than 0.6 billion yuan a year.


            Environmental protection requirements

            There is no doubt that environmental protection is still a hot topic in the two sessions this year. From the previous "strike the pollution prevention and control battle" to this year, "strengthen pollution prevention and ecological construction, and vigorously promote green development", the government work report puts forward higher requirements for environmental protection.

            Among them, Wan Jie, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Chairman of Yachang Culture (Group) Co., Ltd., suggested in the "Proposal on Further Implementing Environmental Information Disclosure of Key Polluting Units" and "Proposal on Issuing Information on Water Environment Quality as Quickly as Possible":

            Improve policies, promote the implementation of self-monitoring information by key pollutant discharge units, and standardize and unify corporate environmental information disclosure requirements;

            Further establish and implement China's pollutant discharge and transfer registration system, and formulate water environment quality information release rules, and standardize water environment quality information release.

            Green packaging advancement

            In the field of printing and packaging, the National People's Congress, Zhang Ningdong, chairman of Suning Holding Group, and the representative of the National People's Congress and the postal industry, Chai Jin, started with green packaging and proposed specific plans to promote the green of express delivery and logistics industry. Packaging rules.

            Among them, Zhang Jindong suggested establishing a green packaging standard specification, standardizing the recycling packaging such as shared express boxes; promoting the establishment of urban recycling system, establishing a green packaging promotion organization led by the government, policy support, and active participation of enterprises, with planned and orderly construction Green e-commerce cities; joint ventures, communities, schools, etc., explore the establishment of packaging recycling pilots.

            Chai Shuang suggested that the green packaging standard should be one of the access conditions for express delivery companies to engage in express delivery. At the same time, it is recommended that government departments increase their policy support for green packaging enterprises, especially for enterprises that purchase degradable packaging materials. To accelerate the development and application of biodegradable materials.

            It can be said that the greening of the industry requires the full participation of the government, enterprises, citizens and other participants. It is necessary to link the upstream and downstream industry chains to jointly promote the reduction and recyclability of packaging, so as to build a green chain of society. Loop sharing mechanism.

            In summary, the manufacturing tax reduction of 3% brings positive effects to printing and packaging enterprises; the improvement of environmental protection requirements has brought a “tightening curse” to the development of printing and packaging enterprises; green packaging reflects the future development of the printing and packaging industry. In fact, this is an important reference for the printing and packaging people to see the opportunities and trends.

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